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Welcome to my web site. I hope that you will enjoy your visit and will gain some knowledge about eye problems especially cataract and refractive surgery.

I have assembled this information to assist patients to make an informed decision about surgery. I have made every effort to evaluation the latest technology and all the possible procedures, risks and benefits and then to present the information in a clear understandable manner. Contained here is information about the techniques used by me, the actual surgical procedure and recovery.

The views expressed here are the result of my personal experience and my evaluation of published trials and may therefore present a different viewpoint to that of some of my colleagues.

Because of the rapidly developing nature of this cutting edge surgery changes can be expected almost every day. Procedures performed today may bear little resemblance to the procedures performed ten years ago, and there is little doubt that surgery performed in the next decade will be dramatically different to that performed at present. I will attempt to present any more recent developments during consultation after my clinical assessment of your problem.

It is essential for any patient to decide if a procedure is appropriate for them. This involves careful assessment of the presently available procedures, the surgeon, the surgical facility; surgical team where the operation will be performed, and of course follow up and recovery. Special consideration must be given to the short and long term success rates, risks and complications. It is only when the potential advantages outweigh the risks that surgery should be considered.

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